Consultation Booking - Terms & Conditions

Please read the following agreement before making your purchase.

By booking a consultation appointment ("Appointment") with Zhang Jingna, you (the "Client") agree to the following terms and conditions. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this agreement, please contact


Booking Conditions

1. Client will provide all necessary information required for reviewing their questions and session agenda prior to the Appointment. Any new materials provided during the Appointment requiring additional reviewing time will be billed as part of session time.

2. Client must be on time for the Appointment. A 5-minute lateness will be tolerated. Any time exceeding that will be part of the billable session.


Session Conditions

3. Client must have Skype for session communication.

4. Client must not film or record the session at any time without permission.

5. Zhang Jingna reserves the right to refuse any questions about her work.


Fees and Cancellations

6. Full payment must be made for confirmation of booking.

7. Rescheduling and cancellation is permitted up to 48 hours prior to Appointment.

8. In the event of cancellation by Client:
       a) within 48 hours of appointment, 50% of fee is payable
       b) within 24 hours of appointment, 100% of fee is payable

9. Zhang Jingna may cancel an Appointment at any time prior to session. In the unlikely event that a cancellation is necessary, Client will be notified as soon as possible and any fees received from Client will be refunded.