days of our lives

this was shot in london. was a pain. the model got lost because she didn't know where in regent's park i was gonna meet her to pick her up. so i ended up walking for an hour around the park to find her together with my assistant. oh so much excercise~

i really liked the first shot. i feel the bottom 3 are kinda weak but they were for the designer of the outfits. we only had 10min or so to take the bottom 3 because the stylist only came when the model was about to leave. they all liked the shots though. which ones do you prefer?

testing for a upcoming shoot for meza virs later. thinking about it i haven't really had the time to process all my photos from the past month, just alot of shooting and shooting (photos). in the process of revamping my portfolio, i wanna change my scheme back to my colour. hehe.

air rifle later, it's been so long, sometimes i feel like i'd forgotten how competition feels like.