i caaaaannooooooot believe this. ARGHhhhHHHhhhhhh. and this isn't on sg papers as you can tell by the number, it's miami. %(@!)*&#%

won't tolerate this. going to see what i can do.

for the moment i gotta get well first. *goes back to bed and puts ice pack on forehead*

okay, so it's not miami but florida. the person who sent me the photo told me it's a miami paper, i apologize for the confusion.

it seems like if i decide to pursue this and sue the person/company that put up this ad up, it will cost me more than i can get back. does anyone have an idea if there's really nothing i can do? (i mean, of course, other than contacting the papers and asking them to take it down)

by the way thanks to those who're concerned and have commented, i just came back from my rifle monthly shoot and desperately need some rest. i have a couple prints of someone from my rolleicord though. will update later :)