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i'm starting to see more and more of the word 'sublime' appearing in comments of my works. it's kinda interesting and somewhat makes me feel complimented.

today i received a note from lithium picnic saying 'nice works..'. he's probably the only photographer i'd admired since i first joined deviantart. okay i mean, he joined some months later than me, but you get the point. of course there're many really amazing photographers on DA, but i really liked his works alot, i guess it's how he makes fetish/goth photos have this really glossed/fashion style in them unlike your regular in your face types. it's quite different from what i like now, but still, i was so happy when i received the note!!! :D

i don't really idolize anyone, ain't really a fan sorta person. but it's like a slice of the joy i'll get when one day yoshiki hayashi compliments that i play piano well. hahahahaha *daydreams* well of course, that's not quite possible.

speaking of yoshiki, i still remember this one weird dream i had once.

i was a character in a game, and ran out of money to teleport myself to other places (well like any transportation, i've to pay). so i had to make my way across this huuuuuge desert on foot. halfway there there was an inn, so i went in to recharge, and blahblahblah you know the standard things you go to inns and shops to do, and checked in.

so here's the exciting part, very short though.

that night the inn was very empty, i was in the hotel restaurant, and i played tears together with yoshiki and hide. i was on piano, yoshiki on drums and hide on his guitar. don't ask me what happened to the bass and vocals, but it just happened that way. like omggg you can't imagine how i felt when i woke up. it's like, I PERFORMED A SONG TOGETHER WITH YOSHIKI AND HIDE.

despite the fact that it's even more impossible than having yoshiki compliment me on my piano, anyway.

so back to my point, i was really really happy hahaha. and then i started being distracted and played cards on sohu games and stopped editting photos. lazing around a little is good~ then i went back to the dozens of emails and notes and messages.

i hope to finish with school's work asap, and i do mean asap, though i feel very unmotivated to do them, but i must!!! have to start working on setting my schedules for new shoots, it's been a long time since i'd done shoots for my personal projects because they all require so much more time and planning. in between my own shoots i have to slot in time to meet clients so i don't starve...

anyway, pass the word, i'm looking for stylists to work with! be it fashion students or working stylists, or even if they're not but with an extensive wardrobe of gorgeous gowns, i want! they'll get lovely photos of the clothes in return and if they're not in fashion i can take some for themselves in exchange for keepsake.

okay, it's a long entry. i hope you managed to receive many many ang paos because i only have 3. i'm surprised after the divorce my stepdad's mum still gave me one.

i'm going to grow sooo faaaat. i'd been eating and eating and eating. i tried to eat lesser cashew nuts today than i'd been in the past few days, but i ended up eating alot of other things. can't blame me though, my mum only has time to make dumplings like, once a year during the chinese new year, and it's soooooooo nice, i had to eat right.

okay, the entry is long and incoherent, it's 3am and i'm sleepy and not making much sense anymore. goodnight kings and queens, caramel dreams.