hmmm... it happens that quite often the girls i photograph are mix-blooded. jennifer looked so much like a pure asian in some photos that i'd seen, yet in mine she looked like a different person altogether. it's kind of interesting how their looks are so versatile and unique.

i quite like these too. but there're certain things that i want to change and improve on given the chance to do it again. i mean i will, but i just don't think that i'll have the time to do this anytime soon. it gets really hard to work alone without a regular assistant that you can trust and work well with. sigh.

and oh i must write about this. i met up with a friend from china who's here visiting. we went to the tcc at bugis junction and the service was so bad i didn't even bother filling in the feedback form because i doubt they'd do anything at all anyway.

i we made 2 orders of beef moza-tofu and 2 drinks. the drinks took more than 20min to come and the dishes took more than 40min. that's not all, having had wonderful experiences at novena square's tcc i'm quite sure i know how it should be done or should look like at least. it's my absolute favorite dish from them can! you can see a thumbnail here from their website. the layer of cheese that's supposed to be on the top was really just covering abit more than half on mine and didn't even exist for my friend's! we were too starved to complain. *whines* pretty disappointing service too. grr. i just feel like i need to complain because my friend was so cool with it. blahhhhhhh. ah well i guess my trips to the one at novena has spoiled me.

shall go sleep soon. only managed to sleep from 7-8am and some other short periods on the buses.