let's try this.

who agree with me that it's spoiling the pictures like there's no tomorrow?

this is for those who'd been complaining about me not watermarking my works (i do, by the way, just a bit tiny and undistracting).

haha anyway, it's my first roll from the rolleicord. these are shots of the prints printed by TY photographed (the prints) under my table light, i have yet to get my scanner working to scan the actual prints. they look much better there... i hope to do my own printing in the future. at least i'd have much more control over what i want.

i really like these 2 shots.

alright, it's going to be 2am really soon. i should try to get some sleep, have 4 garments to be finished by tomorrow, i don't think it's going to materialize. gah i need some miracle.

i want to pursue the case about the image usage, but everyone i know/have asked/spoken to have been telling me that it's not worth it, because getting a lawyer and bringing this to court will just cost me more than what i will get in return and it just ends up being more unfair because i'm losing out and i'll lose out more. besides, i don't even have the money to go find a lawyer because i'm such a starving artist.

argh. i really need find and talk to someone who is actually a lawyer, is anyone here in law?