new camera~

well okay, actually not new, it's a really really old rolleicord.on a term loan from a friend. hehehe, i'm excited. film film~!!! I can't wait to try XD

such pristine condition right~!!

ok the pouch (? don't know what it's called) looks abit older :P

hmm well i guess that was the only good thing about today. other than that i woke up at 4am and couldn't go back to sleep because i kept thinking about a design that incoporates 3 different types of seams that doesn't require me to kill myself over drafting. but anyway i didn't finish it in the end... i sewed a whole circumference of about 2m of french seam and found out that i did it on the wrong side. *depressed*

any thoughts on the previous shot? processing this set is a bit of a headache. hope to finish the recent photos soon... i haven't been having enough air rifle training. .__.