Barefoot Coffee Roasters Show 04/07

5237 Stevens Creek Blvd

Santa Clara, California 95051

From (event link):

For the month of April, Barefoot Coffee Roasters will be showing works courtesy the DA Prints system and artist from as far afield as Scotland to Singapore in various media.

Established players like photographer Zhang Jingna (zemotion), digital painter Kuang Hong (noah-kh) and illustrator Inge Vandormael (Alexiou) are joined by up and coming talent like Greg Kucharo (kucharo) and Robbie Yamenja (Yamenja) and no less than three DA staffers: Lesa Sweet (fangedfem), Fiona Hooley (chix0r) and Joseph Arruda (zeruch) are on the walls.

Art is for sale both at the venue and via the DA galleries of the artists themselves. For all other inquiries, contact

I don't know if anyone who read this is actually at Silicon Valley, but just letting you know anyway. Please drop by and show some support~

There's a selection this Saturday for the competition in Korea, 2 femals and 2 males. Damn I wanna go, but my weiqi is so rusty I can barely remember 3 basic openings.