I was just reading the papers on the plane, remembered this article where it talked about the percentage of baggage losses from european airlines. So I talked about it with a teammate while we were waiting for our baggages to come out. BA ranked the highest followed by another 2, one which was air france (the one we took), the other I can't remember. After half an hour plus or an hour we realized we had 2 missing luggages. ^^; One was found in Paris, where we had our transit, another is... in the process of being located. Like.. wha lao~ ._.

I don't claim to have travelled alot, but after a few years you do feel that Singapore Airlines is the most comfortable and Singapore's airport just makes you feel so much better whether departing or arriving~ So spacious and the people are so nice. Unlike some countries/airlines where people give you looks/responses like you're dirt because you're asians.

Wahh anyway I've to unpack. I took no pictures, but bought some stuff. Maybe I'll take some photos of them later days. Now I have a competition tomorrow morning and test on monday and assessment week to come. If there should be a miracle I pray that I can finish my work. Gah.