My wall poster for my corner of the exhibition/presentation. Ends up I didn't have to present much at all it was all kinda overwhelming how everyone was actually praising my photographs and garments.

The new head of fashion pointed to some pieces on my rack and said "we can use that on the runway". Oh man yeah I was just overwhelmed. Seeing others and professionals look at my photos in prints and going on about how amazing they are just gives such a different impact than receiving comments online. Perhaps because it's more real, that you get to see their expressions. I'd never printed my shots before till today. -_-;;

I always had the impression the European lecturers are really haughty because they're a better breed but he is really nice and extremely encouraging. He was probably the one who showed most interest in everybody's works when they were presenting, I respect that respect he has for us. Not like some lecturer who was smirking while agreeing with another that a student has bad attendance. It was someone before me, I always remembered her to be rather hardworking. Some teachers just never 'see' you because they only see so few people.

Sewing wasn't so bad afterall.

Worked on this for school, hope to finish soon.

Re-DIed an old photo done with choo. Ahhhh those memories. I need to shoot something like this again.