Imagine putting your hands into the fridge for 2 hours.

Let's add some artificial rain and wind as well.

That's, ahem. really how it was like. Some 7* Celsius and literally burning cold.

Ah well. And to think I shot better under that condition yesterday during training than today when it's all sunny and way warmer (like 10* maybe). I can't believe I shot a 5 and numerous 7.9s without even realizing. I could have shot like a dozen plus 9s in replacement man. *slaps self*


I'm sitting by a cafe and making friends as I type this. I'd been sitting here for the past 4 or 5 hours, it's kinda nice really. I'd missed coming online. I don't deny that watching TV was kinda interesting in my hotel room as I haven't for the past half decade or so.

Along the way I'd also picked up some dinner, spoke to some Thai shooter friends, received some nice ice cream and a bottle of Sprite. And later a chat with a Chinese shooter and we talked about Du Li (world current #1 for air rifle women). He told me training with her was just unreal. First day, woah she doesn't shoot any 9s (which means all 10s, by the way). 2nd day, repeat. 3rd day, it can't seem to get any different. To wait for her to shoot a 9's practically like impossible.

Alas, we're so far away.

It seems like I'll have to delay my trip to Jakarta. In the mean time, perhaps, I can visit Beijing...