My old phone died. like, 3 days after i bought a new battery.

Actually it was a few days ago, but anyway then, I decided to look through some old photos taken with it in the past few years. The quality's terrible, but it's limited spectrum of colours gives the photos a quality that I almost grew to like.

Munich. Probably 2 years ago.

Still Munich, outside the shooting range.

On the highway in Germay, from Ulm to another city... 2-3 hours trip. It was the first time I'd seen snow in a long time. 2004 or 2005?

Yes you see it right. A Just Cavalli Cafe. How cool's that? Milan.

Cheery blossoms in Korea, Changwon. Romantic.

And with much more saturated colours:

Mum's phone that I'm using, until I get a new one.

A surprise belated birthday cake Veliani bought for me when we met up for a shoot's planning when I came back to Singapore. Thank you dear! <3

Munich again end of this month, Jakarta next month. I hope I have time for Beijing in July.