Been playing too much PS2 than it's healthy. @_@ It's been almost 2 years since I last played, perhaps that's my excuse.

Dabbed on a couple games from Square Enix, FF12, KH, VP2, and samurai warriors from koei. I think Dallas in VP2 (if you remember) is modelled after Gackt. It's always these super short appearances that catch me. I wasn't half as excited when I played Bujingai some years ago.

Speaking of this, the last spot of Yoshiki's new band with Gackt and Sugizo's filled by Miyavi. I so knew it. So predictable because there weren't any bigger guys left around except if we talk about bassists, Toshiya maybe, but then again he's too busy with DeG, Miyavi was in US for the event Yoshiki organized... So so so.... ahhhh it's so unfair they're starting activity in US first later on. ;_;


This pretty sums up how much I'd been slacking (other than working on photos). Next week is going to be rushing madness for cosfest's preparations. Busy busy busy.

Gotta find time to update my site, it's in such a mess and I'm sick of so many horrible photos being on it.