Sports award this time was at raffles city convention centre (i think, or something like that). Food was... the standard many-course chinese dinner. Not that I'm complaining since it wasn't bad. Sat with some table tennis players, sailors parents, and also junhong and zhang jin (he's not my brother, though many think so because our names). The president of Singapore was there today.

Opening video was awesome, words were great (voice-over was a tad too Singaporean), I wish I could get the video or the script man it was really moving. Or maybe because I'd been shooting so bad in the past 2 years I feel old now and just get emotional really easily everytime I think about all those things. Hahaha ok I'm sounding lame. Anyway, my partner at the Commonwealth Games, Vanessa, is year's sports girl~ congrats darling!

That's mostly it for today, because it didn't involve much since I only woke up at 11.30, went to teach, then returned home to find my dress for the award dinner. Oh I was so tempted to tell the event photographers that their framings were bad. x_x

Ah wait, yes, I received a note from someone "I don't like you >:(" hahaa. *random*

Yesterday was fun though. Dropped by CG Overdrive 07 for some work and since I was there decided to go for feng zhu's talk. According to some friends it's pretty similar to last year's, but then again I guess it's still helpful to those new people. Hope the event can get bigger in the future, I really hope our industry get better.

I also hope people can just stop disfiguring and manipulating my photographs despite repeating SO MANY TIMES they just cannot seem to understand my English. Damn it, do it to yourself! @)(*!&#@!)%^#@