Ahh today was wonderful, I'm so touched, I actually have fans. *_*

Hehehe thanks so much people for the support~

The last time I had been asked to autograph was in Korea like 2-3 years back. *sniffs* I can't wait for next Sunday. IT'S NOT GOING TO BE SO HOT ANYMOREEEE. XD

Peixuan was such a darling to have stood by and with me for the whole evening, thank you! We didn't take any photos for ourselves... this is the tired me after a whole day of rushing and work. I REALLY spent a lot of time on the hair even though you probably can't tell from here.

And my sister is really cute today (yes we're at home she actually stayed up just to see me):

And this shot looks better than mine because I took it! Hahaha kidding, mum took my lovely shot. She's so supportive, I love you. n_n

Short entry, I had a long day. I'm training more and loving it. I just hope I can have a good photoshoot again soon.

Some of the prints actually sold out, I may be running to the printers again next week (namecards too, more than half were gone!), so if you wanna get something that you didn't see today from my gallery feel free to order what you want and I'll add the print in when I go to the printers!

Once again, those who made the point to get something and made me feel appreciated, thank you so much. *hugs*