Busy busy like a bee. Prints, books and other stuff I'm selling.

Training, teaching, shooting, meeting clients, i barely even left enough time to do my own things. Yesterday the organizers had a meeting with the cosplayers and booth owners for Cosfest, it just so happened that when we settled down at the meeting area I sat in at the table the organizers decided to sit. I went first... being short on time and ultra useless when it comes to naming, they decided to name my booth for me and called it the Number One Booth. Like, I'm kinda like... utterly speechless. Anyway you can find me, this Saturday, 4-9pm at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza. The booth is, as it says, the booth no.1. =_=;...

I'm quite upset with myself for going on another day without playing weiqi. Arghhhh. I have to make time for this!

Here're some newer pieces I'm planning to print for this Sat. Just a few, you'll see more unreleased ones if you come down. So be there to say hi XD

Pricing wise should be about $6 for A4 and $12 for A3 all cold lamination and borderless, pretty much some of the more well received ones you can find here and here. If you'd like to order a specific print please let me know (my email is zemotion@gmail.com) I might be running to the printers again after tomorrow if I finish preparing some newer works so I can slot in yours if I didn't print it. I also do A2 and A1 prints with matte lamination (or glossy if you want, but I like matt), by order only.

This is starting to sound like shameless advertising. But anyway here are some other I have for sale. Long ago when I had the chance I either bought them for friends or to sell on ebay, but I'm so lazy now I'll just sell off when it's the most convenient. Email me what you're eyeing XD

HIDE's 無言激. (one of the best from those days aside from Luna Sea's ZOE, this is, of course, entirely my personal opinion. but then again, how can you not love him)
Nightmare's photobook, 1 opened, 1 mint.

and more miyavi
malice mizer's merveilles first press. need I say more?

wah that was... =_=

I honestly don't have the energy to go through everything and take photos... There is the stack of Alchemy Gothic stock (mostly pendants and chokers) as well, most of the nicer designs (trust my taste? XD). Again my email is zemotion@gmail.com if you want to reserve or check anything regarding the prints, books, cd or accessories. I try to keep check of those who have already reserved something, doesn't hurt to just send me another email ok? :D