Productive day. 3 models! I'm glad the migraine's gone when I woke up in the morning or I'd probably have died.

Today we looked at photos of new girls and there's one that I'd really want to shoot with... it's unlikely to happen though. Oh~ her beautiful everything... then again it'd be a waste to use her for anything else (if I were shooting) other than my Fairytales which I haven't had any new plans made yet. */me daydreams about the photo she saw*

August is going to be an exciting month, a lot of things are happening at the same time, it almost scares me. On another note, this is probably a little late. I received a gift from a stranger recently. I can't believe how much it cheered me up. Thank you so much.

Today a friend related a recent accident he had with his girlfriend which involved him suffering a 40cm cut across his back from attempting to grab a swiss knife out of her hands. As much as it was just an accident... I'm kind of disturbed by the mentality of the girl. I wish people wouldn't mention suicides so often, we only get to remember till our last breath of this lifetime, cherish it.

I think I'm blabbering again like I always do at this hour. I shall go to bed before the too-many-late-nights streak start getting on. I don't wanna gain any more weight by staying up than the amount I've already been putting on.