Proofs for some of the newer/reprinting ones. On the bottom right's our namecards :D:D:D

I'd been meaning to do new ones for a loooong time but never got to doing them because I'd been lazy. Tuesday was so productive I actually just put both together in one afternoon XD

It's been a productive week... just that there'd been no photography. Feeling abit drained.

I was really upset with my students, not because they didn't do well, but the fact that they did not come for training on the day before the competition just because their teacher in charge instructed so. It's impossible to train up a good team in such a type of environment. I really wish these teachers can be more corporative. Blah~

An old, almost non-existant godsis from China rang me up today (she messed up, actually, she was looking for my mum haa). She took home a gold and silver medal from the Olympics in 2000. I'd never forgotten, these things that inspired but at the same time made me inferior. I'm feeling inspired again.