I'm having a stomach upset from the food taken on the last night when I was in Malaysia. No more seafood next time. T_T

Well at least I won individual and team silver for 50meters rifle prone~ wahahaa.

I'd been inspired to draw again, after meeting with kidchan, toounit, neversummer and norli there. I think I might do a small set... When I find the time.

I haven't photographed for more than two weeks because of the competition in Malaysia, it feels like such a long time... and guess what~ a huge photo of me was on the giant banner near the entrance of the carpark at the venue (i can't believe sneaky people took photos of me while i was shooting!).

By the 3rd day everyone in the team was like, "hey Jingna! did you see the poster in the carpark? you're on it! huge!"

It'd feed my ego but I looked so fugly. Hahahhaa ah well.

I've so much to catch up with school it's almost impossible. Argh. People really upset me these days, all those unethical things... every. bloody. where.