She reminds me of Sasha P when she chins down. Ahhh...

Probably the last shoot in this place. How long has it been... 6 years? Maybe? I'm going to miss it here. Just when I'd finally started walking around the area, started feeling that, maybe, eating at Loy Kee wasn't so bad... we're moving.

Ah well isn't life always like that. At least the last shoot turned out beautiful, and missing things start appearing altogether.

The little book of The Quotable Sandman that disappeared soon after you bought me, has miraculously made its existence known to the world once more by lying in plain sight in one of the boxes that's being packed away as I walked down the corridor.

I memorized that line I so disagreed with you back then, it made me smile flipping to the page... Tucking it under my pillow, I sleep and dream of Dream, and I will still tell you that, it's not true. Because I believe, miracles happen.