Alright, I admit that I'd been spending time on Guilty Gear XX Accent Core and Dirge of Cerberus. It was just sort of irresistible when I saw them on the shelves, after not playing games for a while now, just listening to GGXX's bgm makes my heart race. Hmm. I kinda regret not buying Zone of the Enders II when I saw it the last time.

Ahhh i don't really care about how bad the reviews for Dirge of Cerberus were, Vincent Valentine's just so fcking gorgeous, it's a rather simple game, but still I like how there is progression and a good amount of cutscenes. Maybe the disappointment with FF12 still lingers. Although, to admit, initially, the impulse to get the game came upon seeing the trailer's credit ending with a long pulse on Gackt.

I wanna see SKIN, youtube is not enough. The guys may be getting old, but they were such inspiration to me. Yoshiki's needless to say, but Soundtrack (the movie starring Sugizo) had always had a huge impact on me. Even though I didn't understand Japanese, later on, I still bought the DVD and rewatched it a few times. There's this strange air about Sugizo that I really loved and it came from watching the movie instead of Luna Sea.

Today we had a morning workshop for the SEA Games contingent, dozed off a couple times, but even in my sleep, I think I caught on the words.

It made me think about something that I might have overlooked and left behind because of the pain from back then. It may be regrettable, which I'd so hate to admit since I try my best not to make decisions I'll regret later on for such major things; even though there wasn't so much any choices to begin with, but perhaps, deep in my heart, somewhere, it's possible that a part of me made the decision.

Back then it wasn't I who was weaker, the selection was just manipulated, as they still are now. But perhaps now that I've withdrawn myself from rifle more, I can look at the picture clearer, and feel oblivious to the pain.

After all, it has all became permanent. 5 long years, nothing of it will fade away. I can only try to move on, so nothing will repeat itself. I've no interest in opening or deepening my wounds with a knife.

Anyway... To make it up. I will be shooting and DIing like a mad person from tomorrow onward.