Getting immersed in conversations about other's professions, such things interest me most of the time. Film seems fascinating, perhaps one day I'd try doing 3-5min clips.

We sat down and talked about the industries, people, food, living, movies, scripts, and love. There's actually a man at our table who hasn't kissed in all 26 years of his life. Not I alone but the others also couldn't believe there's such an existence.

It's been a fulfilling, fun, and fattening week. Meeting new people, emptying my account for Profoto, getting my pictures printed A3 on Hahnemühle paper, making them seemingly unreal. Seriously. Too fucking beautiful.

Wonderful things are happening, I just need to see the doctor before I collapse while crossing the road. I am falling asleep every waking moment I could take my mind off things from, it's really really bad.