I managed to get some photos printed today. They were so amazingly beautiful (Epson, on Hahnemühle paper), actually with even better tonalities than what I get on my MacbookPro display. *_* It's so unhealthy, I'm not going to accept any other quality from now on and be in a horrid state of denial.

I'm disappointed with this month's schedule, I'm missing the l'official launch party tomorrow, the Topshop competition show on Sat, and the couture clothes that are flown in for l'official's exhibition, because I'm flying off for rifle training.

My mind refuses to pack for Bangkok for this, and I hate the air. My laptop charger has decided to die on the very day before my trip and it just happens to be out of stock in Singapore for an undetermined amount of time. My wacom is being unfriendly. I really need to work on stuff while over there.

Quite a couple things to get and replace, this sux, though actually, I'm feeling pretty happy, can you tell? Hahaha. After sulking up in my room the whole day on the 10th as usual, commemorating the xth year since I'd owned my first copy of The Sandman (The Wake), can't help but feel a little sentimental eh, but it calms me.

Thank you.