It's been a long long time since I did outdoors. I'd been looking forward to the shoot for quite a while... so glad I had such wonderful people and weather to work with. For Mandy Wu Collections, make up by Larry Yeo, hair by Nichole Liew.

Shooting a short story tomorrow at the beach. My script's not done, my initial storyboard was told to be needing revision (not good, duh). I'm feeling kinda stressed. After all, most others have completed theirs by now and everyone's amazing (and published). I'm pressed for photos too. Argh. But I'm most afraid being outdoor for 4 days in a row will kill my body, I hate the fact that I'm so weak against the sun and heat. I'd been able to fall asleep almost anywhere and anytime. I'm considering working out with my best friend, my body is really in terrible shape. I could fall asleep during live firing at the shooting range. -_-'

Feel like traveling after the SEA Games. Maybe it'd be good for me to move around a little.