I get so jealous every time I look at artists' blogs because they look so... artsy. and fun. and well, artsy. And... you know... artsy.

It's not like I do not sketch and plan for my shoots (rarely, really. Although when i do sketch i hardly follow, or when i follow they hardly turn out like the sketches, and the sketches are horrible to begin with anyway, so why're they needed again?), but those papers just always disappear.

I promise the next time I have one I will keep them and make a little "zemotion's photoshooting zero to zero" with sketches, wip pics and much much more. From zero to shooting to finishing to how the next one begins, in hopes of decorating this little space just a little more. In fact, maybe I'll sketch up the whole thing.

On a second note, rummaging through things I'd done for school. There's a surprisingly large amount of writings and pictures I've long forgotten, I've even designed a set of underwear before. XD

The eye lingers a little longer on something because it is more intensely interesting than something else that's usually seen. Sometimes it's contradicting, sometimes, it's never understood.

Some of the last lines I wrote for the set, it's like, 2 pages long. x_x

And so, out of curiosity, the digging continues.

More photos, more writings, more sketches, more, and more, and more. Ahhh and melodies sounding half Bach and half opening-theme-song-ish, it's so random but they aren't that bad at all, pity they're only a couple bars long and I never finished any. Hehe.

Something epic is going to happen on Sunday. Epic~ Epic desu!