Loy Krathong Festival

Well, despite all that painful hours in the bus yesterday (the driver got lost, driving us from one hotel to another within a few MRT stops took 3hours), we ran into the Loy Krathong festival held once a year here in Thailand~ Found some info on it on wiki and here.

It's held on the 12th fullmoon in the traditional Thai calendar. People will go to their local canal/river to release their krathong.

Mine =3

Someone praying before releasing hers.

And some people release theirs:
and...Like a river of stars... beautiful isn't it?

This was the nearest location to us, not a major one. Heard there're fireworks at the bigger ones like near the palace. It was very nice though.

Tomorrow we're moving into the official hotel, Grand Mecure. The one we'd been staying in is a boutique hotel called Veronica Residence. The design's not bad but the quality and convenience of things are kind of terrible. The water pressure is so miserable the amount of time it takes to rinse my hair is not even funny.

PS: I'm really curious, why is it that when I am in Singapore I never get a single wrong number call in like a thousand days, but when I'm overseas I get at least 4-5 EACH trip. Grrrr.