A Silent Melody

A song without words.

Self portrait. The hair and makeup for this shoot took me almost 3 hours, you can't really tell here, but you'll see when I update the other shots later on. It was a long shoot... 11 to 6. The last time I'd done self portraits was February, this is probably the longest session yet.

MPA's finally over, both the grading that I'd written about in the previous entry, and a seminar conducted by David Oliver together with the Master Photographer competition that was held on the 2nd day.

Here're some photos from during preparations.. I always forget to take them. So there's only these few.

First few run of proofs, the 2 from Forgotten Fairytales. Tried on almost a dozen different papers and profiles. I remember myself having a bad migraine just having troubles with deciding.

Settled on the paper, more proofs.

Final prints, mounted.

and more prints...

My works won in 5 categories: Commercial/Advertising, Fashion, Black& White, Avant Garde Portrait and Classical Portrait. I was also the winner for the Singapore Master Photographer 2007.

Thank you Ryan and James for the support and making it possible. It was a great learning experience, also to Jonathan, William, Damien, Eric, Ukay, you guys were such fun to be with. :D

Here's one testing them out large. Like, 33x44"? Look amazing huh. *__*

Well that's all for today, I'm really tired from the shoot. Gotta figure out how to fix this macbook pro tomorrow. As usual it's screwing up on me again. Refusing to read anything from the USB. Gah~~