Abigail Betz Scam

The email starts out like this:

Hello Dear,

How are you.I hope you are doing great.I am Joseph Smith, Press secretary for Abigail Betz, owner of Abigail Betz House of Couture.

I was just taking a tour of the website as I plan to organise a fashion show soon.Most importantly, we're planning to launch the label big in Singapore, hence, I am searching for someone/individuals who I can use for my promotions( billboards,posters,flyer).

I really like your looks and think you can be that person.Kindly email me immediately at abigailbetzcouture1@yahoo.com for more info.

To learn more about Abigail Betz,visit the following links:

Have a great day.

Yours faithfully,

Barr. Joseph Smith.
Abigail Betz House of Couture
56 Schilbach Street, Parys
South Africa
Email: abigailbetzcouture1@yahoo.com (preferred email)
Press secretary: joseph_smith1960@yahoo.com
+23483 693 0175
+23456 817 7911
EST. DATE: 1996

I didn't bother to reply and just googled, and woot power of the internet, read more about it here. Received it while on my trip to Bangkok, did a little search and I thought I ought to let little girls out there know to not fall for it. =D

Oh man I'm tired. Will update later about my wonderful trip (although medal-less hahaha).