EOY Anime@Expo & Comic Fiesta@Times Square

After battling with time and everything else for the last 10 days, I have somehow made it out alive amongst these emails, interviews, unopened copies of Spectrum 14, Exotique3, Fantasy Art Now from the publishers, my 5-6yo PC that declared dead, last minute printings, paper cutting, retouching, booking of bus ticket to KL and back, and a slot of The Warlords (which has inconsistent lighting on set) in between.

Yes, not dead. You will see me tomorrow and at CF on the 16th. My booth at Expo is A6, before you enter the hall with the stage. I'll try not to repeat my wardrobe, surely no bulky stuff this year because I've to carry the outfit to Malaysia too.

I'm thinking I shouldn't have done too many laminated prints this year, it cuts into my margin pretty deep, and argh, I really do need a new desktop. Well hope to see you!