I'm procrastinating from packing. So here's a short recap of what's been happening. Hectic schedules with the printing and paper cutting. I spent 5hours odd cutting the paper.

Reckon I can make a costume outta this, really.

But anyway, gorgeous prints. The postcards were soooooo pretty. Slept at about 4am on the 15th, got up at 9 to do hair and makeup and a bit of last last min packing because I was heading to KL straight after Expo.

And me camwhoring in the cab.
Had renr helping me out for a while, but didn't dare to walk around that much. 6.30pm started packing up to rush for my bus. Reached KL about 12am, toounit picked me up. We went out to eat a bit and went over to his place, and I slept with this cutie:

Pardon the lousy camera phone quality. There's no greens, it's white as snow except for the dyed pink at the end of the ears. It's sooooooooooo cute its like a freaking living soft toy. *__*

And some random ghey Cloud dressup thing his friend did. In chocobo printed briefs. It's just so damn wrong man. =_=;;;

Anyway I haven't got much photos... sorry hehe. But really for all of you who came by to say hi, especially those who came over just to see me, thank you so so so so so much for the support, I'm so touched. T_T

Please just don't kneel down in public again I kind of don't know what to do. ^^;

After that went out for dinner with toounit's family... then rushed to catch my bus back. Got back to Singapore at about 3, reached home at about 3.30am and because I had no keys with me I had to depend on the maid but... she wouldn't wake up no matter how I phoned the home line or rang the doorbell~!!! So I got locked out until 8am in the morning when she woke up.

And now I'm down with a terrible cold. It was really freezing at that time in the morning, I did also realize that from this new place we can see a lot of stars at night. Really beautiful...

And man what's with the new cab fare? Called a cab in the evening to Fullerton, it was freaking 27bucks! Wtf?!?!

Back to packing.