Random entry about anime. Feel free to skip it lol.

While in Bangkok for the Sea Games I brought along VCDs of Samurai 7 to watch for passing time. Honestly I haven't properly watched any animes since I think, Hikaru no Go? No idea how many years ago that was. (With the exception of Gundam Seed which I couldn't force myself to finish due to the horrible disgust with Kira)

Honestly I wanted to dedicate an entry to Samurai 7 and weep for the ones who died after so much character development when I came back, but I got too busy. So anyway, here's a mention, I love the anime as much as it broke my heart, I could say that I haven't felt such happiness for a long time (yes, from just watching it I was smiling like a dork from day to night). 脚本和角色的刻画真的很好⋯⋯ So go watch it if you're out of things to catch. :D It seems they're making it a movie and it's in pre-production. Ahhh something to look forward to.

Bought a couple titles when I had the chance to shop the other day, and a few pieces of h.Naoto hohoho.

Spent yesterday and this morning watching Code Geass. I like to watch things at one go... incomplete stuff make me dejected. I didn't expect that it was unfinished cuz out of the 5 titles I purchased I must have asked whether each one was completed for 3-4 of them and left this out. *bish self*

I have mixed feelings about the story, although I have to admit that it's well made. The general story structure and graphics are all good, just that it kept reminding me of GSeed (ala kiraxasuran) and feels like as if Syaoran has jumped out from Tsubasa to pilot Lancelot. Is this the product of Sunrise+Clamp? *major sweatdrop*

Anyway I'm off to watch more. Who knows if I can finish all 5 during my confinement here. It's quite inspiring, I'm already having images I want to do in my head. Hope I can get them done well in the coming new year.

And argh, thanks to blogspot for being banned, i cannot reply any comments other than making new posts. =_=