First day of work

...accidents happen.

5 inch long of raw flesh and peeling skin. I'll spare you the photo.

Very unglam. I know, I know.

Hahahahaa. It's right above my right foot up through the ankle area. I'm really more amused at myself than anything else.

Been listening to L'arc en Ciel's Kiss. I didn't really like album at first, but it's starting to grow on me. It's the 2nd inspiration album after Within Temptation's in the period of the last 2 years or so for me. Yay. =3

I dropped by IFS yesterday and the place expanded again. After my scheduled meeting I went down to the studio floor, meisan and skan were there~ Meisan is soooo cute. When she found out who I was she just stared at me for a while, then held both my hands and started repeating the word zemotion.

Wahaha yes yes, feed my ego~~~

Anyway, I shall embark on my attempt to sleep before 12am every day, less internet and time to do DI I guess. Boohoo. (although it's like, 1+ now)