Happy new year~!

Great to be back in Singapore... (merry belated xmas by the way)

Have some new pictures... The shot above was taken in Beijing. There're still a lot to do from previous shoots, hopefully I can finish them soon. Right... and also some interviews I did a while back, I'll update some scans and links when I have the time.

I fell and slipped down a couple steps when I was back in Beijing. My ass and elbow hurt. There are horrible bruises and swells but I worry more for my laptop which crashed down the stairs together with me. T_T

Anyway, I want to say, thank you everyone so much for your support~ let's continue working hard in the new year.

And thank you, my dearest darlings, who've been there for me all this time, never stopping at being all terrifyingly talented and accomplished and making me feel like a piece of crap, but worry not it's all good, I'll keep trying.