The last week

Monday was as Monday was as I'd mentioned... Work filled the day. Evenings were the only time I had a chance to do anything, but barely.

Over dinner on Tuesday I met a true closet otaku. The fiance of a friend's friend. The mention of Macross F and Gundam 00 started it all, somewhere when the appetizers were coming in.

Then for the rest of the dinner it was all about anime and manga between the 3 guys and myself, and the fiancee was completely lost (i tried explaining the story of blade of the immortal). We talked about things from... the 80s to now, gundam, macross, mospeada, lain, record of lodoss war, cyber formula, eva, escaflowne, berserk, blade of the immortal, deathnote, hikaru no go, kenshin, dragon ball, 孔雀王, bleach, 5 star stories, nana, tomb of the firefly, steamboy, vampire hunter d, sailor moon... like... I mean... as many titles as you could have squeezed into a dinner.

And then I suddenly feel like watching a lot of things. Wahahahah~

Wednesday evening I went for air rifle training. I hadn't touched my gun since the Sea Games in Bangkok, with all the traveling and so on. My clothes actually had mould on them. -_- So anyway I just wore jeans and stuff with the shooting jacket for that day, and man I sure did gain a lot of weight in the past 2 months.

Thursday passed in a slur with me trying to survive The periodical suffering (ie period cramps). The first of my 2-days-of-definite-pain. Went to the launch of the Pure. Keppel Bay is freaking gorgeous now I tell you.
It doesn't even look like Singapore. Just agree with me haha.

Friday evening I trained again.

Monthly shoot in the morning today, didn't do very well but it was within what I estimated. Got home about 4 after team meeting... and slept till 7.

I don't think I can last very long without doing a proper photoshoot and not go crazy. We'll see what happens.

and then as i prepared to head to sleep at 12.30, something overcame me and i watched gundam00 ep1. omg why do i feel like the designs are just really not as cool as gw? and i can't stand the bad sense of dressing, or maybe just the way they tone the bodies.

i'm so biased hahaha. and there aren't anyone i like anymore except for miki shinichirou, whatever happened to takehito koyasu. it's 2.43am now, and i said i was gonna sleep early lol. bleh.