random recent stuff

So yay for the new year. Gives me a reason to do a little shopping, and have some things in the mail. Hahaha.

The 3 books: Fantasy Art Now, Spectrum 14 and Exotique 3 are for noah-kh since his works are featured, they arrived before I left for Beijing, but I had no time to open them. I'm looking forward to opening Spectrum 14~

A couple h.Naoto items from someone. Yes I'm crazy about h.Naoto. When I start working more I'd probably raid the whole store if I go to Tokyo again.

The CD came from GPK, or known as GPKISM for his band with guitarist Kiwamu from Blood. (I think it's a little mean to say that it reminds me of Moi dix Mois, I just think comparison in general hurt people's egos haha. Though I did like MDM and I'd say I like GPK's voice better.)

2 Tops I bought from Mango's sale today~ And the CD, letter and Exotique 3 opened, hmm. Not a big fan. Idea Design Photos sent me 3 copies of the issue that featured my works. 12 pages~
Most of these shots can be found on my website. I'll try to find time and take some clear pics or scans of the interview. ^^