Happy Chinese New Year!

I know there should be a lot of reds and confetti going, but no matter, I'm sure this is enough.

Noah had a 2page interview/feature in this month's Advanced Photoshop (Issue40). Looks good, perhaps a little too squeezed with them trying to fit in all the images. But it's the first in a long time, both of us has had been putting off doing interviews for quite a while because they just take up an incredible amount of time... Anyway I'd try to do some nice scans of it, together with my previous interview for the Taiwanese magazine so they'd be readable. :D

I find Chinese New Year an odd ordeal for me... I stopped going out to collect Ang Paos at a really early age insisting I wanted to rest instead, but if anyone wanna visit and give me red packets please feel free. kthxbai. XD

Did a shoot on Tuesday. There was a super gorgeous pair of Christian Louboutin heels that all girls on the set were really to kill for.
Shot this during camera testing. Ahhhhh I want~~~ And they were on a girl who looked a little like Lily Cole.
Anyway it's alright to show these shots because, eventually, you see neither her face nor these heels (which weren't included because they weren't sample pieces and the stylists got too worried about damaging them over anything else). Ahhhh welll. T___T

Alright gotta work on my DI, once again happy chinese new year~~