There's this weird happiness about how I'm spending so much. Hahaha like what the hell right~ It's so weird how I'd walk 30min to some place just to save 10cents for something in a cheaper bakery in everyday life.

Anyway anyone have interesting places of interest you suggest I should visit or can suggest for photo taking? I'm pretty sure my guide will be more than capable, but feel free to share your experiences anyway. XD

My resolution for this time:
- Stop eating pepper lunch's diced beef for every dinner (which I did the last time)
- Go to Nihon Ki-in and try not to be tempted to sell myself in order to buy a goban or shell stones, which I'm sure I am obsessed with and will never ever use and totally exceeds my years of savings. (I'm generally hopelessly obsessed with anything that is beautiful in packaging and to the touch)
- Meet up with friends
- Not exceed 20kg/$500 on books, which happens every single time i go to a place i'd been to less than twice, and end up having to carry them onboard with me and act like they don't weigh anything at all.
- Bandai museum (if time permits)

To sum that up I sound like a total absolute nerd. Hahaha.

The week had been totally like a roller coaster ride. It's a long (boring) post, but please let me journal it so I can have memory of just how difficult and hilarious and carelessly stupid I had been. Lol. The shortened points form really cannot put across just how painful it had been though.

Things kept changing EVERY DAY, and every day I waited and waited for different sides to make their updates so I can confirm and book something without the air ticket prices soaring up into the sky.

- entered J Rock Revolution's ticket lottery for 28th March
- worried I may not be able to get it, signed up for the JRR Tour group (incl concert tix)
- reserved 25Mar-14Apr air tickets

- suddenly remembered I had to go to Kyoto
- asked friend for help, was told he'd be coming back to SG for good end of march
- no other options, changed my departure forward by 10++ days
- no tickets, changed to JAL for $400+ (student promo)
- look for monthly rental place for cheaper lodging alternatives

- was called the next morning to be told promo's for students studying in Japan, stay limit was 30 days, price not inclusive of insurance *heartbreaks*
- needed more than 30 days, +$350. *weeps*
- decided it became unaffordable, sought out other travel agents
- booked for an UA one for about $1400 incl tax+insurance
- pounded about where to stay (dorm only offered rental per monthly), another friend offered a place

Yayyy so now it's all settled! Then...

- a friend said she's going to Tokyo, limited stay, wanna shoot.
- dates clashes right on with JRR Tour. =_________=
- my heart was pretty much hung up on a string becase that'd mean US700 gone to waste if i'm not staying with JRR. (i already managed to purchase ticket for 29th so ticket wasn't a priority at that moment)
- tried to cancel tour reservation, found travel agent's office closed for 4 whole days.

While nervously awaiting their office to reopen...

- was told me there's a chance to sit in for some meetings, and there's a chance to meet someone i really really admire if he was in Tokyo.
- if to meet him, I have to change my flying date again, and at a cost. *weeps more* it'd be definitely worth it though.
- heart hung on a string once more to hear a confirmation (double hanging man~ T_T)

- the lottery results came out, I got the 28th ticket
- waited until 4am when their office opened that day, if they didn't email me back to let me know if i can cancel the tour reservation i'd have to call them.
- yay they allowed me to cancel *celebrates*
- managed to purchase the 30th too (yes, so i'd be going all three nights~)

Yay that's like, finally finally all settled. Except for my departure date which my friend can only confirm at the end of the week.

- double checks everything.
- *panicks and email JRR*
- told not to worry, they will send out an email again regarding the passport number and reservation number to confirm.

I really died a little inside right there.

Dear God, any more of this I'd get high blood pressure or a heart attack soon. I'm pretty sure my lifespan just shortened a couple years over these few days.

X Japan tickets can be obtained via the J Rock Revolution website.