And here we are.

Day 1 in Tokyo, is about falling really really sick. Bleh my stupid allergies. I should take night flights in the future so I don't end up not sleeping and packing into middle of the night and falling sick...

The apartment is gorgeous (and tiny, it's about as big as my old living room, the place where i shot almost everything in the last year).

I can look out of the window and see our apartment's reflection on the opposite building. Feels kind of surreal.

If I'm not so ill with this throat pain and running nose, I'd feel a lot more inspired to share some pictures with you. *sighs*

Some days we feel the world is small. While preparing to board my flight I ran into someone who likes my works.

On the plane, after I woke up, she came to me and tried to hold a conversation, and somewhere amongst many moments of awkward silence, she said, "At the risk of sounding gay, I have to say that my mind goes blank staring into your eyes." Hahaha I was so amused. At least something fun in my day of pain.

And here is the new interview done for International Women's Week. Well a bit late, and done when I couldn't coherently think at 3am. But here it is anyway: [link].