Day 6-8: Kyoto

Ahhh so. The last 3 days had been... really nice. Despite all the failures with the photoshoots. (It's a long story, but nevermind, hahaa)

Day 6: To Kyoto

Went to Kyoto with my friend Derek and his mum. Breakfast was at some cafe while waiting for our Shinkansen. This is like, 800+yens. I freaking wanted to cry and tell my friend's mum and say nooooo auntie we cannoooooooot eat this. It is siinnn to spend so much (especially since she offered to treat it). Yeah so I'm a cheapo, but such a lifestyle isn't really to be afforded for a 1.5months stay. T_T

In the cab on the way to our hotel. We were pinned for time and were late in meeting my model.

And then after all that rushing, we got to the maiko makeover studio, only to find out that we aren't allowed inside, not even to pick the kimono.

So... Derek and I bought some food and ate by the river sitting under a bridge. Ahhh how touristy. Hahaha.

We walked back to our hotel after the shoot. It gets dark fairly early here in Japan, but Kyoto a little later than Tokyo it seems. Went shopping in the evening, with really really really limited time.

Dinner was awesome(ly expensive). The anago's about the best I'd had. Ahh now I can forget about ever wanting to eat unagi again.

Day 7: Arashiyama

Some mountain a bit of distance away from Kyoto itself... took a train to and a boat back to the train station to see the scenery. Had some really nice shots of random white ume.

Headed back to the hotel in the evening to give me more shopping time.

Dinner was still awesome. :3

Since all the shops closed at 8, Derek and I went walking to Gion after dinner. It was really late already, and we walked really slow. Hahaa. Then we saw 4 geishas and a maiko, their hair were so so so so beautiful I was so moved I was going to cry. There were a couple guys, the paying customer was probably super drunk he allowed this foreigner who was standing around to take photos of the geishas and even offered to take for him lol.

Day 8: Back to Tokyo

Was supposed to shoot with another girl in the morning, but her husband is suddenly in some million yen debt and she'd no idea what to do so she couldn't shoot with us. Scary..~ -_-;;;

We made use of the time to go back shopping for kimonos instead, and managed to get 2 wearable furisodes and 1 obi, 1 cord.

Yay so far so good. I'm just thinking, maybe I'd kind of over-packed myself this month.

I'm not in a mood to go through pictures taken with the digital camera yet, so bear with these iphone pics first. XD