Had a shoot with Kozue on Monday.

I like my alice auaa choker so much.

Wait, I think I meant, I freaking love alice auaa to no end.

I know the outside said no photography, sorry, but how can I not take something so gorgeous to commemorate my visit. I almost missed it if not for the mannequin outside beside this wall with the same aforementioned choker on it.

I spent Sunday drowsing in and out of slumber until about 5pm. Reading and falling in and out of my dreams, or nightmares. Who knows.

I had gone to sleep at 12 or 1 the night before, and was still reading on my laptop when I dozed off. Woke up confused about the situation of the configuration of items on the bed. Why's the laptop beside me and open oh thank god it didn't fall off the bed.

I'm starting to like the idea of a bigger bed like this, maybe I'd want a change when I get back.

Walked pass some blocks of cans today. Quite cool huh. I thought they're inspiring. Could see them in an art museum. *muses*

And... the beginning of blooming sakura.
Ahhhhh beautifullll.

Yes no new purchases, I'm almost proud of myself. But that's of course because I'm toying with the idea of blowing all my cash on something grand.

I'm kidding.