Day5: Square Enix.

You know, I'm going to talk about the RPG thing again.

Sometimes you come across locations/spots in a game that ups your stats as long as you stay there, Amano's house was one, Square Enix feels like another. With probably even more of Amano's works than he himself has decorating in his own home.

Back to the visit, well many people know that it's in the Pfizer building, I definitely heard it from someone long long ago, so I shall save that photo space for more pictures.

Cool reception. Somehow I'd like Gonzo's a bit more if that one was big like this (and has a painting by, say, somebody).
Ah there, see, a large gorgeous piece of work, the world map of Final Fantasy XI by Yoshitaka Amano.

And yay I was given permission to take a picture.

And then the most epic thing happened. We were shown the birthplace of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts.

(Well, actually not so epic for me because I'm not a hardcore fan who played them countless dozens of times, but I do like the games. I will probably hyperventilate if I were visiting, say, Sunrise.)

And well, because everything was confidential, we were just allowed to walk on the most outside of it all, no pictures of course, but still I saw wonderful things. It's just an indescribable excitement, almost like as though we'd get to game test, but of course we don't. Lol. I saw nameplates of people's desks which wrote Electronic Arts *lol*, and also old old Eizo screens. And a screen or two of gorgeous rendered views. Ahhhhhh. *user stats increases*

They also have their own sound department, reeaaally awesome. THX certified ok. And their farm of data, the heart of it all, just totally pwn can. They own it all. And it's hugeeee. And vaguely someone mentioned something about Final Fantasy's movies, but I didn't catch it.

And upon parting we were presented with some sandwiches (^^;), and some Square Enix Products:

I included the paper bag because I like it. /me likes black.

And well, as you see, there's a Kingdom Hearts notebook, Kingdom Key, Christmas Chocobo, (the color looks terrible due to the color noise from my phone cam), and a Final Fantasy VII Advent Children phone strap.

On the back of it is what I assume to be the weight it can take. 5kg and Kagetsuki suggested I test it out with my camera. *bish*

On the way home. Rainy day.

I'm still voiceless. And still terribly emo about being voiceless on the days when I'm meeting Wacom and Square Enix of all arghhhhh.

Then I continued procrastinating for the rest of the day because my migraine totally refused to leave me alone. Pardon anything that didn't make sense in the entry. Gahhhhhhh~~~~~~~ I need rest, and more med.

While surfing Rakuten I came across this. I will just pretend I didn't see it, I didn't go to Dears' homepage, and I did not see the new photos that are tainting my memories of Gackt.