Pardon my unbearable face, just let me zi lian a bit ok. Bought the choker and necklace in Harajuku today. Me love.

The schedules for the day were to begin at 12, I'd meant to do some work in the morning, but only managed to get up around 10. In order to do the little I could before rushing out of the house I missed lunch.

The Artist List of Spectrum 15 is out. Congratulations to those who made it in. :)

After running 2 places I was hit by a terrible migraine, it was really sudden, perhaps I was stressed out, but really at that point of time I should have been happy because the 2nd one went really well. It hurt so bad then I could barely keep a conversation, luckily I was only with my assistant and the next meeting wasn't due in another half hour. The 2nd meeting was in Harajuku, so before we went over I managed to shop for a bit.

I thought this was kind of funny how it said no entry to guys, and I have no idea why.

Essentials. Stuff I figure would come in handy from the 100 yen shop.

The aforementioned choker and necklace again. I can't remember which shop it was. XP

And h.Naoto.

Only this one piece (for today).

Everything here are either too small (clothes) or just way out of what I can pay for. The lovely accessories in Closet Child go from between 10,000 yen for unique nice pieces to 500,000 yen for Vivienne Westwood's collectibles... Soaring prices thanks to Nana, though I know they're already insanely expensive to begin with.

Lunch at an unhealthy 3.30pm Yoshinoya. Not all that bad eh.

3rd meeting was fun. I found out that h.Naoto's fashion show was last week *heart shattered into a million pieces at that point of time* and that Kera Maniax is also an awesome title just like Gothic Lolita Bible. I don't recall coming across Kera Maniax in Singapore. Perhaps I'd been travelling and working and going to Kinokuniya so little they always go out of stock before I see anything...

Kera Maniax, Gothic Lolita Bible Vol28 (the newest!) and The best of GLB from 1998-2008 ^^

And since I was documenting today's stash, figured I should take a picture of this too.

An extremely early birthday gift I was given while in Kyoto, Derek bought it when he was in Venice 2 weeks ago. This is the first birthday gift I'd properly received in years. Thank you.

It's been raining today, my jeans are wet and pendant came apart from its chains. I'm ill and alone, but I am working, and I'm happy.