Tokyo Day 2.

Rise and shine. Literally. I woke up at 6.30 despite how tired and lacking sleep I was, because the sun was just so blardy warm and totally not helping. Tried going back to sleep a few times but finally gave up and got up about 7.30.

I love the apartment, really. I'm not sharing other photos of it now because I'm gonna shoot there. XD

Did quite a bit of walking without taking photos, so I ended up dropping off the camera because it was just way too heavy.

Sigh. I sound sick. I wish I didn't have to be holding a piece of tissue 90% of the time of the day while talking to people, gah.

Accompanied guys to buy *cough* doujin *cough* in between the meetings. I will insist on going to the girls' block the next time so I can flip through for bishies instead of staring into bouncing boobs.

Some stores away I came across something random:
Deathnote apple cookies and apple crunches. *muses*

(Pardon the low quality/high noise photos, they're all taken with my phone)

Anyway, onward to somewhere else:
Gonzo~~ The studio that did Samurai 7 which I so so loved. Cool reception huh. Apparently the Japanese all go to work (anime side) at about 5pm or so, the studio we visited in the morning was almost deserted lol. It's still awesome though, it's like the first time I really got to see such studios~

Dinner was at Kurosawa Restaurant, we were in too much of a rush and my hands were too occupied with my tissue so I couldn't find an opportunity to snap any shots. T_T

I'm itching to do some shopping, but I guess I'd never be in the mood until I recover and finish my submission deadlines. I'd been fed so much these last few months I don't think there's even a slim chance of fitting into the things I want. But still...~

All in all it's been good, and I pray that tomorrow will be a better day and I will finally recover (though I suspect it will take another 2 days).