Tokyo Day16: hEAVEN.

Kagetsuki's arrival was in the morning. After lazing around a little in the apartment and online, we decided to go to Harajuku.

The purpose of the visit was her to treat me to Jonathan's and the lovely crepes... but of course not complete without a visit to the shrine of my beloved.

h.Naoto's hEAVEN. Mine, mine, all mine~!!!

There were so many things I wanted I ended up buying nothing, but it was wonderful. *swoons all over*

Beside the entrance.

As much as I like this, I can't decide which one is more ironically funny, hEAVEN's white altar or Moi-même-Moitié's black grave. *gets stabbed* I take it back.

The shop is actually in a basement, I missed it the first time. Really really depressing because I walked right pass it after coming out from a shop next door on the ground level. *sighs*

Ah well, moving on to Laforet.

It wasn't like we had much to do there other than for Arissa to swoon over Hijiri like a super fangirl at Alice and the Pirates... We combed through all the brands again, and, and, and I tried on something. D:

Hidden between a rackful of Atelier Boz and other brands, I chanced upon this... This sin. 32,000yen. Gahhhh.

*is wanting for her birthday*

Headed home annoyed and bothered about how I cannot justify spending US320 on Na+H, we suddenly realized we didn't have tabi to go with my okobo for the shoot so we rushed to the only place I knew that would carry for sure and would still be open.

Then, then, I chanced upon a kimono just as we were paying up. I was like, hmmm I think it's nice.

Hmmm it is nice.

And Arissa started insisting that it was really beautiful which just made me consider it even more. I'd already spent enough on kimonos and this one is omfg so expensive.

So I filled in a reservation form and told the shop owner if I don't return the next day I wouldn't be getting the kimono.

We were more than just a few minutes away from the shop before I turned back for it.

Arissa is bad influence.