Tokyo Day17: Epic Sakura

I was really kidding in one of the previous entries when I said I might spend a fortune on something, but... this kimono just had to... appear.

Officially making it the most expensive piece of garment I'd ever spent on.

Kami-sama is smiling upon us. Kagetsuki actually asked for her leave last year Sept to be in Tokyo now, talk about perfect timing. Ingenious, really.

Morning rush, preparations for the photoshoot was a pain in the ass. Doing Kagetsuki's hair took a very long forever, and she was still thinking time ticked on the same zone as Singapore.

Ended up not being able to finish the makeup and hair in time for morning shoot, we walked a little and settled for lunch first.

Not very exciting, but this was the fuel to the epicness okay.

Assistant was Chris, thank you so much.

At some point of time we took the bus and went to Asakusa, their seats are covered in prints can, the whole idea of it is just really cute to me, almost a little comical. Haha.

And Kagetsuki continued influencing me and I ended up buying a Kanzashi that pretty much costs as much as a piece of Naoto. T_T

And and, to round up the epicness:


Pepper lunch for dinner~!!! I can't believe it took me so many weeks before getting the chance to eat my #1 favorite here. Wahaha I'm a glutton and absolutely carnivorous. Hahaha kidding, I just like the diced beef a lot, and it's not like I get to eat it often. /emo

And here I am, back home and blogging this entry, feeling like tomorrow is going to be so unreal.

X Japan, for so many years I'd been wishing, yearning, waiting.