Tokyo Day20

Consisted only of X Japan: Night of Creation, because I was so tired I couldn't get out of bed in the morning despite my repeated ringing alarms.

Although it would still be consisting only of that even if I did get up, because I was intending to buy the hoodie. XD It was sold out on the first day by the time I got to the front of the queue. Ah well~ too bad.

But today was epic.

Toshi cried during Forever Love. ;_;

I'll really blog it about tonight's concert tomorrow, whatever I can remember of it.

The chorus of Endless Rain was repeated for at least 15min until Art of Life picked up from where it left off on the first night when Yoshiki collapsed. It was just so overwhelming hearing some 50000 people together. Ahhhh~

And I know I'd said it in the previous entry, but I can't seem to emphasize it enough, Sugizo was so awesome I want to cry.

I'm thinking perhaps I'd come back for the Hide memorial concert.

I could really just extend my stay here since my ticket's open jaw... and I've got a place to stay, but if I don't go back to Singapore I think I'd really end up not working at all, and probably be spending all my savings before I know it.

Ahh ahhhh sleep calls for me, will update tomorrow.