Day 29-30: The wonders of facebook

To be reunited with people I've not spoken to in years.

To finding my very important primary school best friend.

Actually after the long break of a few years of MIA, we did manage to get in touch once or twice a year. This came as a surprise though.

Told her about the X Japan concerts and my travels. She still speaks like the child she was, so innocent, so loving, so passionate. How does a person stay so pure?

I can't understand why the internet seems like a foreign thing but it's okay, to not spoil it by just giving her my blog link, I related the experience bit by bit. I love her reactions.

I'm sure, one day, we will be able to meet again. I really hope she'd continue singing. I died a little inside when she said she stopped because her voice died after a cold last year. It was rare to have her sing outside choir, because I was usually stuck on the piano with the masses it wasn't often I could hear her voice. Every time I did I'd felt so blissful, it was like all the pain didn't matter.

Caught up with a friend who turned down LucasFilm's offer for him to be an intern 3 times, it was oddly hilarious when he said he got rejected by Google.

Laughed about silly articles the media wrote about us, namely him recently, since I'd been on such a low profile. And how even Time couldn't get facts right. It wasn't like mine weren't all terribly off in my years. Straits Times actually compared my scores to Wang Yi Fu. Everyone went like, and where the hell did the journalist dig that up from? How did he think of comparing scores of two totally different events? D:

Talked about education, and something about the confidence of being in an elite institution. And how it didn't matter because sometimes it's all random anyway.

I thought this was funny too:

they called me up for a technical interview at 5am
i was prepared for programming qns
so they said 'it seems you're pretty okay on programming... how about an iq test?'
the next 45 mins was torture

Google for you. Haha.

He didn't get in in the end, but his phd friend did. So much for an intern. Oh man~

Then we tracked back a little into the games side, about how much MDA's invested projects were folding and the need to realize what they were really doing with our taxes, and I obviously shouldn't be talking about this but seeing I'm almost asleep with brain at almost non-functioning mode I'm typing along; bout how people have to realize that perfect AI isn't going to help you save the soul that didn't exist in the pitch no matter how perfect the technical side could get and there's no panaceas.

I am totally not getting any points across.

We've moved again.

The last time was Oct. And how in the world my friend in Thailand knows I've changed my address before I do is beyond me. I'd only found out today when trying to mail a package home, to find out from mum that we'd already totally moved out. =_=

Oh and before I forget. Yesterday concludes my photoshooting in Tokyo. Unless a bishie miraculously appears in front of me.

It was drizzling, some 10 degrees when it had been 15-16 all these past few days. My fingers and toes were freezing painfully, my jeans were halfway wet up my calf and we spent a lot more than half an hour just looking for a freaking parking lot.

But how often do you have a sheen of light from the rain making wood shine so beautifully? How often with sakura petals sticking onto surfaces like in a painting? And aren't these painful experiences just what makes a picture have even more value for ourselves.

Once again, thank you so so much to everyone involved, and for making everything possible. Otsukaresama deshita~~~

Tomorrow (or more like, later today) I will find out when I will return to Singapore. *crosses fingers*

And oh oh oh. Happy birthday Peixuan.