Day23-25: More rest. Yay.

I'd barely stepped out of my apartment since the last X Japan concert till today (well except for the trips to 7-11 for food and downstairs to take out trash, and the meeting with ND), and it'd been a lot of walking and standing all at once suddenly.

Had a photoshoot that ended later than expected. My call time's usually 10am, but because my model Chiaki got lost we ended up spending time looking for her. After lunch and all we only really started makeup at 12.45pm.

Makeup and hair took about 3 hours just for the first look, but it was awesome, really. I'm really glad to have such a wonderful team today.

Thank you Miho for the wonderful hair, Chiyo for the lovely makeup, Chiaki for sticking with us even as we were running late, Chris for translating for me once again, thank you all so so much T_T

After the shoot we went to Naka-Meguro to join Chiaki and friends for hanami. A very nice and different atmosphere at night. I met awesome people, friendly people.

There were 5 or 6 other photographers, a superb makeup/hair guy, a stylist for musicians and artistes, a singer songwriter (who sang a little at my request, awesome voice btw), a DJ who kept making fun of me, a producer from Avex, a fashion designer, an aesthetician, a student, and a lot more whom I can't seem to remember anymore. But oh, someone works with Sugizo.

I felt my face burning at the mention of his name and I'm pretty sure it was blushing to the deepest shade possible it was beyond embarrassing (well probably not so obvious since it was dark ahha). It was also a lot of fun seeing people's reactions every time I explained that I was here to see the X Japan concerts.

Will possibly collaborate with the makeup/hair guy and hang out with some others, somebody mentioned hot springs. *_* Briefly brought up a little about my exhibition and, hopefully if all goes well, I could bring it to Tokyo too. Big hope but who knows, maybe one day even Mori building's possible.

Ah it suddenly struck me that I've yet to visit Nihon Ki-in.

Alright sleep sleep. Tomorrow's rest plus one more hanami in the late afternoon before my marathon of shoots come up again.