Day35-38: Home

It's great to be back. Tokyo had been wonderful.

Just saw Smitten, someone had bought a copy to show my mum, my spreads look great, I'm happy~

As for the previous 3 days... my ears were ringing for the longest time. 2 whole days, the longest it had ever lasted after a gig... Usually it would be gone by the morning I wake up. T_T

On Monday I went to see Nonami Hiroshi's exhibition, the flyer was among a stack I received from the Alamode Night.

I loved the images of the Koitsukihime dolls, I like them better than his usual portrait works. Maybe I'm biased because of the features. The prices seem to range between 2,700,000-3,500,000yen for the dolls. Yes, that's some 30,000USD for a doll, but they were really beautiful.

Bought a Takato Yamamoto artbook then went back to Akibahara to look for more Toshiaki Kato books but there were none. Picked up Amano's Arslan book, it's not the one I thought it was but it's okay, only 840yen.

I also found out that Alice Auaa's made for small people. >_>

Wondered over my sleep about what I should do with all the new weight as I didn't plan to buy so many books since the mailing. (And as I checked in today, my luggage totalled to be some 47kg)

Spent Tuesday morning attempting to clean up the apartment for my very last shoot happening that afternoon, ending at almost 10. (I know I said no more shoots unless a bishie miraculously appear, and well, I guess I can say it sort of happened).

Wednesday was a bit more gift shopping and walking around. I bought an Alice Auaa belt which can double as a pretty nice choker.

Tokyo had been wonderful, and without all your help and support it wouldn't have been possible. I've a shoot in the morning tomorrow but I'd still like to express my gratitude.

Thank you Chris for being the greatest help and being such a diligent assistant for so so many days and shoots, Ed for allowing me to stay over at IFS and going along for the meetings and studio visits, derie and mum for going to Kyoto with me, I know you two went solely to accompany and show me around, Kagetsuki for always contributing to epicness, Kozue for enduring the freezing cold and rain, Sawaka for taking time out despite your crazy schedules between flights, Kazma for being so extremely kind, Kuni for assisting me on last minute notice, Derek for caring even after returning to Singapore, and Ian, Chiaki, Miho, Chiyo, Aya, Ai, Anna, ND, Peixuan, Riyozake, Tim, Yasmine, thank you all so much... and thank you Selia, for being so beautiful for me.