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An index of past editorials.

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> Covers & Editorials

Elle Russia: Beauty, September 2014
Fashion Gone Rogue: Flowers Bloom, June 2014
Elle Vietnam: Elle Best Looks, May 2014

Fashion Gone Rogue: Anouk, Nov 2013
Fashion Gone Rogue: Flowers in December, Oct 2013
Elle Vietnam Beauty Cover & Editorial: Fall-Winter Minimalism, Sept 2013
British Journal of Photography Cover, Sept 2013
FILLER Magazine: Full of Grace, Summer 2013
Factice Magazine: Sunshower, Summer 2013
Schön! Online Exclusive: Glittery, July 2013
Dark Beauty Magazine: Demoure, July 2013
Elle Vietnam: Cover editorial, June 2013
Fashion Gone Rogue: Shades of Midnight, 21 May 2013

Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam: Nu Renaissance Aristocracy, Dec 2012
Vulture Magazine: Concrete, Sept 2012
SingaporeBrides: Song to the Siren, Aug 2012
Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam: Anniversary Cover & Editorial feat. Ngo Thanh Van, July 2012
Elle Vietnam: Maya, May 2012
Elle Singapore: Hit The Road, Feb 2012
Elle Singapore: Touch-me Tresses, Feb 2012
Astonish Magazine, Cover & Editorial, Jan 2012 (US)
Zink: It Blooms In The Night, Jan 2012 (US)

FLARE: Spellbound, Nov 2011 (CA)
Harper's Bazaar Singapore: Super Natural, Sept 2011
Fashion Gone Rogue | Exclusive: Portrait of Solitude, 10 Aug 2011
SingaporeBrides.com: Cold Flowers, Aug 2011
Elle Singapore: The Secretary, Jul 2011
FILLER Magazine: The Halo Effect, Vol 2, Jul 2011
La Vergine Eterna by Kenzaburo Oe, Cover, July 2011
FLARE: In Bloom, June 2011
Harper's Bazaar Singapore: Call Me Irresistible, Apr 2011
SUGIZO: Half a Stormy Lifetime of a Man Loved by Music, Cover & all concert images, April 2011
Harper's Bazaar Singapore: Bazaar Beauty Wellness Report, Feb 2011

Vixen (The Flappers Trilogy) by Jillian Larkin, Cover, Dec 2010
SingaporeBrides.com: 1000 Roses, Dec 2010
Elle Singapore: Swept Away, Dec 2010
SingaporeBrides.com, Dec 2010
Fashion Gone Rogue | Exclusive: Before the Tide Comes, 07 Oct 2010
Fool's Mate: SUGIZO, Oct 2010 (JP)
Harper's Bazaar Singapore: Untold Desires, Apr 2010
Harper's Bazaar Singapore: Everything is Illuminated, Mar 2010
Harper's Bazaar Singapore: Lancôme Advertorial, Feb 2010

Elle Singapore: Night Fever, Nov 2009
SingaporeBrides.com: Paris, F/W 2009
Picture Magazine, Cover, Sept/Oct 2009 (US)
Gothic & Lolita Bible Vol34: Koitsukihime Dolls, Sept/Oct 2009 (JP)
Gothic & Lolita Bible Vol34: Vampire Cafe, Sept/Oct 2009 (JP)
Harper's Bazaar Singapore: Strike A Pose, Oct 2009
Harper's Bazaar Singapore: Lancôme Advertorial, Sept 2009
Harper's Bazaar Singapore: Where the Wild Things Are, Sept 2009
Harper's Bazaar Singapore: Summer Crush, June 2009
SingaporeBrides.com - Ad & Editorial: Summer, June 2009
Female Brides: The Lady of Night, Spring 2009
Wedding & Travel, Editorial, Spring/Summer 2009
Solitaire, Editorial, Feb/Mar 2009
L'Officiel Singapore, Editorials, Jan, Feb, Mar, 2009
Men's Folio, Editoria, Jan/Feb 2009
Pilot Issue 01, Editorial, Summer 2009

Female, Editorial, Dec 2008
Project: Smitten, Cover, Nov 2008
Luxury, Cover, Oct 2008
Men's Folio, Editorial, Oct 2008
Female Brides: of Pomp and Pageantry, Fall 2008
Harper's Bazaar Singapore: Siren's Song, Sept 2008
Appetite, Editorial, Aug 2008
Project: Smitten, Editorials, Apr, May, Jul, Aug, Sept, Nov, Dec 2008
Playeur: Cover & Editorial - Sonia Krans, June 2008
Playeur: Yunji, July 2008

Men's Folio, Cover & Editorial, Sept/Oct 2007